About Regina

By training, I'm a photojournalist. My pictures have covered the pages of major newspapers but my passion is making photos that celebrate individual lives. I like to think of myself as a photographic storyteller. My lens is my pen and my website is just one of the canvasses I use to share my outlook on life. Though I've captured images of every kind, all over the world, life's so-called simple moments are what I love most, whether it's documenting a mother awaiting the birth of her first child, a toddler traipsing through the mud or an elderly couple taking center stage at a family reunion. I see an equal magic and importance to them all. I guess you could say I have my own twist on the cliche that a picture is worth a 1,000 words. I believe every life is worth a thousand pictures. I hope you'll consider letting me capture the moments of your life. I promise it will be an experience to remember.